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How To Become a Chiropractor in the MLB

 I have been lucky, but it is a little bit by design, to have a large roster of athletes to help with the consistency of my practice.

I was motivated to write this little additional blog, as i just spent some time with an MLB player (who i will not name) but his story was so damn inspiring.  I have heard so many of these stories.  I wanted to share it with you.  

I asked him what college he was drafted from into MLB - that started the whole thing.  He looked at me, “college? I lived in the bad part of LA, didn’t go to college". His mom and dad were separated, he had to change schools himself because he was heading down the wrong path and he wanted to keep on playing sports. He got drafted from high school.  Many of his friends are in jail or dead.  

He also told me as he was going through the grind of MLB minor leagues (which are brutal if you don’t know of them) he said you knew who would make it and who wouldn’t just by the attitudes and perseverance. 

This player has had an amazing career and of course he was lucky but he also created his luck and did the things that are not easy.  

I tell you this story because I am committed to the success of all of us practitioners.  That is why I created In Pit Lane - bridging the gap from research to clinical practice and my assessment course Foundations In Neuro-Functional  Assessment.  I believe we should all be thriving, people all around us have pain with movement disorders and we have the solution!

If your practice currently is NOT the practice of your dreams, if you are not getting the results you think you should, if you don’t have a roster of patients waiting and wanting to see you, if you are struggling financially, I have the solution for you. 

I have personally trained and mentored 30 + practitioners.  Helping them create the practice of their dreams, chiropractors, physiotherapists, massage therapists, and others.  I believe in the value we offer society, I believe in you.

May 10th and 11th I will be holding an in-person Foundations in Neuro-Functional Assessment in Burlington ON.  I created this course to help therapist create the practice of their dreams.  This is an assessment course but, it bridges the doctor-patient and doctor-doctor relationships.  

If your practice is not consistent and you’re not quite where you thought or want to be, this course is for you.  I personally guarantee it.


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